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PeopleQuery delivers one of the easiest and most powerful end user reporting solution in the mid-range to top of the range human resource solution in the market today. It can be defined as a reporting tool built specifically for non-IT people. It only takes 2 hours to learn how to create sophisticated reports without the need for any programming.


It comes with over 200 standard reports but also equip end user with the flexibility to easily create custom reports.

Powerful and Easy Reporting


A friendly wizard guides each step of the way in selecting the report data, choosing the display and generating the report on the fly - all within several mouse clicks away. The final outcome is a dazzling report with up-to-date information. 

Timely Report Delivery

Report generation can be schedule to run at non-peak hours. It can be configured to deliver reports to specific or multiple email addresses. That means the monthly or weekly HR reports to management can be automated.

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